Our Services


1) Our Focus :  

Small to Medium Enterprises [SME], Industrial Clients, Hobbyists, Experimenters, Inventors and Academia. 


2) Our Services :

Product Feasibility Assessment

Assist in determining if the end product can be achieved  

within all the budget constraints,  

i.e. functionality, size, pricing, timeline etc.


Circuit Design

Use your Schematic Circuit Diagram  

or we can design one to your Specifications * 


PCB Design and Layout

Design and supply of Printed Circuit Boards to 

Schematic Circuit and overall functionality.  


Bench Prototyping

If required building bench prototype(s) to check out  

circuit functionality before committing to a formal PCB layout.**  


Pre-Production Prototyping (pcb)

Designing your prototype for optimum product assembly  


Manufacturing Assembly (pcb)

 Assembly of pcb components and

 integration into final assemblies.* 


Post Assembly Testing (pcb) 

Functional testing of the pcb or final assembly.


Obsolete Industrial Product Cloning 

Re-manufacture old or obsolete pcb's.


Special One - Offs 

Need a One-Off ... It might just be possible !


 Electronic Spares and Repairs  

For those specialist or hard to come by items.

Industrial equipment & PCB Repairs.    


Interested ?...

For more Information please use the contact links below...... 

1. Use The INQUIRY FORM or EMAIL US DIRECT with a short general description of what you would like us to do and what you need, we will answer promptly and advise if we can assist.



2. Call us during office hours if you would like to discuss matters directly. 


  We do not claim to be able to do everything. We will pleased to look at your inquiry and advise. 

**   Subject to various technical  and practical limitations.

*** We focus on designing and hardware supply and not design only.